Blog 3

1. Introduction

The tasks for Blog 3 is to  design the layout of the site in terms of blueprints and wireframes. I decided to create an website which is used for exploring available internships for university students and alumni. This decision has been based on the fact that in the recent years internships have become an important factor for future professional employment after graduation. Completing an internship provides student not only an industry related knowledge and expertise, but also a large variety of transferrable skills like interpersonal communication, time management, decision-making, fact based analysis and other capabilities vital for professional employment.

The content of the Blog 3:

  • Audience of the website
  • Structure of the website
  • Wire frame
  • Metadata matrix of vocabulary

2. Target audience  

As I mentioned before the main audience of the website is university students and alumni. Thus, these people’s age is ranged between 18-30.

Age Gender Occupation Socio – economic background The level of Internet use frequency Lifestyle
18-30 Male and Female Student, alumni Low, medium Medium and high Average – busy

In order to have a deeper understanding of users’ needs and requirement I developed 4 personas and characteristics. Based on that, it is easier to analyse their behaviour and other characteristics that might influence on the design of the website :

  • Persona 1: Jake Lowry, Male, single, part-time job, under 20, 1st -2nd year student, hasn’t searched for an internship before, interested in looking. He lives with parents, interested in sport, movies, video games and has a lot of free time. Jake does not have working experience, for that reason he is mostly interested in volunteering internships where he will be able to get practical skills and apply theoretical knowledge of 1st year courses.
  • Persona 2: Alexis Pullen, female, middle age, married, kids, part-time job, part-time student, searched for an internship before, found problems but still interested in searching. Alexis is a wife and mother of three children. Also, she has an experience in specialisation (and still working) that she is currently studying and she is interested in theoretical knowledge.
  • Persona 3: Erica Mallory, female, single, part-time job, above 20, last year student, searches for an internship regularly, very specific about needs. Erica lives independently from her parents, interested in sport, fashion and movies, spends weekends with friends. She works part-time in restaurant as a waiter. She does not have experience in her major; however she has enough theoretical knowledge of specialisation. Erica is interested in paid internships or graduate positions.
  • Persona 4: Matthew Flinders, male, in relationships, unemployed, around 25, alumni, searching for full-time job or paid internships constantly. He lives with his girlfriend, interested in movies, books, and travelling. Matthew keeps changing his jobs as there are not related to his major. He applied for different graduate positions and internships and keeps doing this process. He had internship during the last year of university and successfully completed it.

First of all, simplicity is one of the most important factors in designing. It believed that complicated website design using lots of buttons and options creates not only inefficient but also unpleased user experience. Limiting options to minimum makes user interaction clearer and faster. However, simplifying the interface extensively might have a negative effect on website functionality. Consequently, the most commonly used functions have to be identified and placed on the most visible and logical positions by hiding other less popular functions in drop-down menu.

3. Structure of website

3.1 User Tasks

The main task of the application is to give the list of the most suitable internships to a user. The home page of the website contains menu where user has type basic requirements such as specialisation, major, location, and salary. To submit the CV/Resume for position user has to be authorised. Consequently, user has to be able to register. In the registration page user fill the boxes about his email address, password, and confirmation of the password. If user already registered he has to be able to sign in into the service. The constant form for singing is located on the top right part of the main page. User presses “Sign In” button, types his email address and password in the form. As long as user is signed in to the system he is able to submit his CV/Resume for wanted positions from the given list of options. For this task user visit the page of position and press button “Apply” on the bottom of it. The system automatically opens new page where user can choose any file from his computer and attach it. After pressing button “Submit” Resume/CV is added to system’s database. Last user’s task is “sign out”. There is constant form for Register/Sign in/Sign out on the right top of all pages available for users. User needs to press button “Sign out” on that form.


3.2 Organisation of content

The proper content list of the application is significant aspect to create a high- level product; however, the organization of the content plays important role in this activity, as it identifies the usefulness of the product and the satisfaction level of users’ interaction with it to achieve their aim.

Home Page is initial page, where user starts internship search activity. From Home page user can start his search by typing in needed information (Industry, Major, Location, Salary) and access quick search by Industry. After that, users can the list of results and access the page of any position by clicking on it. Also, the website enables users to Log In and Register from Home page, Results list and Page of a position, as only registered/ logged in users can attach their CV/Resume to their wanted internship position. Also, user always can get back to the home page from any page he is currently observing; and from “Results list” page to both search forms; and from Position page to “Results list”. This possibility to access home page and come back to the previous page makes the website very usable and get minimal effort from users.


According to the flow chart, the main tasks were identified and ordered; however there are list of sub-tasks ad information that have to be connected to the appropriate main tasks.


4. Wireframe

Specification of the design is very important tool to identify issues, ensure that design can accomplish all planed features. One of the ways to specify the design is to create wireframes. Low-fidelity wireframe was used to create a prototype for the website.

Home Page. It contains the main task as menu with “New Search” and “Quick Search” windows. However, there are “Sign In”, “Registration”, “Home” and Logo in the header of the application, which makes users to do other tasks of the necessity.To do the main tasks of the website – Search for an internship, user has to click on the “New Search” heading, where he/she can type in all specifications of their wanted position such as Industry, Major, Location and Salary from the list by clicking on them.


Quick Search. Another way to search for an internship is Quick Search by location of it. Foe example, if user wants to find an internship only in Brisbane, he clicks on the city and comes into the below section “List of results” with all available internships in Brisbane.

Quick Search

Result List. This page shows the list of all internships, which are meet users requirements. User is able to see more details of each of them by clicking on the button with arrow.

Result list

Position page. Position page shows the basic information about the position including the Title, location, company, employer’s contact details (phone number, address) and short information about position itself. If user would like to apply for this internship he/she click on the “apply” button. If user is logged in, “Attach CR/Resume” label appears on the page, otherwise “Sign In” form pops up. If user wants to flag an internship, he has to click on “star” button, if user is not logged in “Sign In” form will pop up.



5. Vocabulary 

Controlled vocabulary is used to organize information for the purpose of storage and recovery.

Vocabulary Description Example Maintenance
Industry A field of position Information technology, Engineering High
Major, Specialization Sub-classification of position Business analyst, Management high
Location A location of position Brisbane, Sydney high
Part-time Type of employment Part-time, scheduled Medium
Full-time Type of employment Part-time, scheduled Medium
Resume, Cover letter Required documents Resume, cover letter, transcript Medium

Metadata matrix  presents the vocabulary terms and relationships of the website.

Accepted term

Variant terms

Information Technology ICT
Accounting Business
Part-time Scheduled
Queensland Brisbane, Gold Cost
Requirements Needs, objectives
Further employment Get a job

Blog 2.3 Labelling System

The last task of the Blog 2 is to analyse the labelling system of any website. I’ve chosen the website of NAB as I visit it quit often.




Destination’s Heading  Label

Destination’s <TITLE> heading

NAB logo   Personal Banking – insurance, loans, accounts, credit cards – NAB
Personal :   Personal Banking – insurance, loans, accounts, credit cards – NAB
   Accounts Accounts Accounts – Term Deposit, Savings Account, Debit Card, Compare – NAB
  Credit cards Credit cards Credit cards – Compare Low Fee and Low Rate Credit Card – NAB
  Loan Loan Loan – Home Loan, Mortgage, Personal Loan, Margin lending – NAB
  Investments Investments Investments – Wealth, Superannuation, Investment, Trading – NAB
  Insurance Insurance Insurance – Car, Travel, Quote, Home, Life, Business, Landlord – NAB
  Help and Guidance Help and Guidance Help and Guidance – NAB
  Financial Advice Financial Advice Financial Advice – Finance, Planner, Planning – NAB
  Internet Banking Internet Banking NAB Internet Banking – Register for online banking – NAB
Business   Business Banking – Business Cards, Loan, Finance, Merchants – NAB
  Accounts Accounts Business Accounts – Savings and Transaction Account – NAB
  Loans & Finance Loans and Finance Loans and Finance – Finance equipment and invoice finance – NAB
  Cards Cards Cards for Business – Business charge, corporate and credit cards – NAB
  Payment & Merchants Payment and Merchants Payment and Merchants – Point of sale product like BPAY, EFTOPS – NAB
  Online banking Online banking Online banking – Business banking online – NAB
  International International International trade – Payment options, Foreign exchange (FX) – NAB
  Investments Investments Investments – Business investment accounts and term deposits – NAB
  Insurance Insurance Insurance – Business insurance can protect your assets & income – NAB
About Us   About Us – NAB
  Careers Careers Careers at NAB – NAB
  Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us – NAB
  Corporate responsibility Corporate responsibility Corporate responsibility – NAB
  Our Business Our Business Our Business – NAB
  Shareholder Centre Shareholder Centre Shareholder Centre for Investors – National Australia Bank Group – NAB
  Capital and Funding Capital and Funding Capital and Funding – The National Australia Bank Group – NABGroup
  Media *not clickable  
  Contact us Contact us Contact us – NAB
  Locations Find your nearest NAB locations/services National Australia Bank – Locate us
Footer 1      
  Help and guidance Help and guidance NAB Help and guidance – Tips to reach your finance goals
  Using this site Using this site Using this site – NAB
Footer 2      
  Disclaimer page Disclaimer Website disclaimer – NAB
  Privacy policy National Australia Bank Privacy Policy National Australia Bank Privacy Policy  – NAB

I found the website very user friendly, all labels are designed and allocated in very appropriate way, so users do not get lost there.  All major rules were followed in the design of the website, therefore I don’t have any suggestions or recommendations for improvement.

To compare the NAB website I’ve chosen Commonwealth Bank ( and ANZ Bank (

In general in all three websites the labelling system is very similar, however CommonwealthBank and ANZ Bank have additional heading label “Corporate”.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 14.31.06  Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 14.31.28

The website of CommonWealthBank has other additional labels on the right side of the screen such as Stuff I Like and Latest Offers. They are easy to access and probably often used by visitors.


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 14.31.48


The website of the ANZ Bank also has some additional tools such us Selecting Country in heading and “Calculators & tools” and “Apply for” in the right side of the screen.

Overall, personally for me the most useful website with the best labelling system is CommonwealthBank as the heading stays on the top of the screen during the screen rolling down. It makes all these labels are very easy to access.

Blog 2.2 Alphabetical order

2.2 The task for the BLog 2 is to arrange the following list in alphabetical order, then answer the questions below:

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Saint Nicholas, Belgium
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • XVIIme siècle
  • .38 Special
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • New York, New York
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • The 1-2-3 of Magic
  • Albany, New York
  • #!%&: Creating Comic Books
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • $35 a Day Through Europe
  • H20: The Beauty of Water
  • Plzen, Czech Republic

2.2.1 List in alphabetical order:

  • #!%&: Creating Comic Books
  • $35 a Day Through Europe
  • .38 Special
  • The 1-2-3 of Magic
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Albany, New York
  • El Paso, Texas
  • H20: The Beauty of Water
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • New York, New York
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Plzen, Czech Republic
  • Saint Nicholas, Belgium
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • XVIIme siècle

2.2.2 Answers:

  1. Did you put The Hague under T or H? I put it under H as users will search for “Hague” rather than “The Hague”.
  2. Did you put El Paso under E or P? Under E as E comes before P
  3. Which came first in your list, Newark or New York? New York as space comes before letters.
  4. Does St. Louis come before or after Saint Nicholas? It comes after as St is the same as Saint, so the only logic which I decided to  follow is alphabetic order.
  5. How did you handle numbers, punctuation, and special characters? I used The ASCII table that shows the order of these characters
  6. Assuming the italicised terms are book titles, what might be a more useful way to organise this list? The most useful way to organise them is to  to group items according to their nature and then order alphabetically.
  7. If the cities represent places you’ve visited and the book titles are ones you’ve read, how could chronology be used to order the list in a more meaningful way? The best way to organise them is to put them into two tables (books and places) and in the tables themselves to put them in chronological order.

Blog 2.1 Information Architecture

Information Architecture is relatively new area of knowledge which is still under development. The definition of it is: 

“Information architecture is the collection of organising information and navigation principles in order to help users to find and process the data in effective way.”

Why IA is very important in IT industry particularly for websites? Well, for example, imagine that a company has invested a huge amount of money into an website. From aesthetic point of view, it looks great, technically perfect, and it so full of useful content. However, users are struggling in finding the needed information and non-professionals cannot determine where to put the new content and when to clean the old one. This situation requires an information architecture.

Each information system has its own information architecture. The most important thing is to well organise the architecture. Thats why it is very important to plan it from the beginning. A set of methods to design a site architecture has to be selected  on the basis of:

  • the information needs of visitors
  • content
  • objectives and budget constraints

To sum up, a well-designed information architecture ensures that users will spend less time for searching for the right information. With good architecture makes sure that they always find that documents are related and connected to each other by category. Users will always be able to easily switch from the document search to itself and back. They will understand better what kind of information s offered in site.

Blog 1.4_Web 3.0

Obviously new technologies have changed our life, daily routine and even relationships significantly. And bigger changes are coming. Some people are excited about them, others are being very sceptical. One of these technologies is Semantic Web (Web 3.0).


Semantic web is direction of WWW development that provides information in a form suitable for machine processing, so based on that information and facts machine will be able to make logical conclusions. I find this very useful in searching for specific information which reduces  amount of spent effort and time.

Also, it could be very useful for e-Government, can you imagine how it would be easy to communicate with Government and control it’s actions. Semantic Web could be such a powerful tool for anti-corruption in all Post-Soviet Union Countries and 3rd Word countries.

Another area that will be affected is Privacy. However, as I wrote before you always can manage  information that you share in the Internet. If you are responsible and clever enough you always can avoid any interruptions to your privacy independently of technologies. Or do not do anything wrong and illegal, so then there is nothing to worry about =).

Personally, I am very excited about new technologies and innovations. Maybe I am being romantic and optimistic, but I believe man is a supreme being that still have sense of morality.

Blog 1.3 ToS and Privacy Policy

Instagram is social networking service that allows to share photos, videos applying digital filters and enable to share them on a variety of social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular among young people. 

I am a very active user of it, mostly I upload photos from my daily routine like my food, outfits and different nature views. I do all these things knowing that there is a person who is truly interested in it, and this person is my Mom. I got a lot of Likes from her =)

There is a link to Privacy Policy of instagram 

Instagram collects and protect users’ informations such as 

  • Username, password and e-mail address when users register for an Instagram account.
  • Profile informations such us first and last name, picture, phone number. This information allows them to help users be “found” on Instagram.
  • User Content (e.g., photos, comments, and other materials) that you post to the Service.
  • Communications between users and Instagram. For example,  Service-related emails (e.g., account verification, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). However, users may not opt out of Service-related e-mails.

They use users’ information mostly for easier use of Instagram and for data analysing for later improvements. However, there is paragraph about Sharing your information that made concern about my privacy. It tells that Instagram may share users’ information with legally part of the same group of companies that Instagram is part of, or that become part of that group (“Affiliates”),  third-party organisations that help us provide the Service to you (“Service Providers”),  third-party advertising partners.

Privacy of posted information and content  to the Service may be  controlled by users in privacy settings. However, if user remove information that he/she posted, copies may remain viewable in cached and archived pages of the Service, or if other Users or third parties using the Instagram API have copied or saved that information. In case of transferring or selling Instagram to another organisation, users’ information also will be sold/transferred.

There are also proprietary rights in content on Instagram. Instagram does not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, images, photographs, video, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, applications, or any other materials (collectively, content) that users post on or through the Instagram Services.

Overall, I am happy with all Privacy policy and terms of use as it is common scene for me. The first step of control comes from me, nobody forces me to share the information that could be provocative and influence negatively. 

Blog 1.2 RSS Reader

The choice of  Feed reader was very random, I just visited ITunes and downloaded the most popular one and it was Light RSS Reader. The app is ready for use immediately after downloading.

The design of it is very simple and user friendly, it is not annoying and appears on the screen diaphanously unless you bring the mouse to it.

Benefits of it are very general and refers to all Feed readers:

  • save time
  • simple design
  • has automatic notifications

However, it has some drawbacks as:

  • not enough functions, the only thing that it allows is to add new link, delete links and mark them as read. There is no functionalities for changing the design and creating groups

To sum up, I am going to keep using this RSS reader because the disadvantages of it is not very crucial for me. First of all, being a fun of Apple products I am pretty  happy with the design of it as it has the standard design of all Mac apps. Secondly, I follow some people from the course and couple of fashion blogs, so there is no need to separate them into groups.